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Healthy Workplace Culture: All the Buzz, but What Works?

leadership's role Jul 24, 2019

Healthy workplace culture doesn’t just mean casual Fridays. A positive workplace culture is created when people know that their colleagues and supervisors respect them and that their work is appreciated. But how do companies demonstrate respect and appreciation? Leadership must walk the walk and talk the talk by showing employees that they respect them through taking time to check-in regularly about their physical and emotional wellbeing. When companies promote respect of ideas and people through offering opportunities for honest, open dialogue, issues that derail positive culture like harassment and discrimination will organically diminish. Here are four specific areas[1] that leadership should focus on to ensure creating a healthy workplace environment starts at the top:

1. Values: Many organizations have some form of mission or values statement that reflects their core values. Yet how many leaders can articulate the specific behaviors that are expected of employees to carry...

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