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Why the Valuable Message behind Gillette’s #MeToo Inspired Ad is Misplaced

current events Sep 13, 2019

Social media lit up last week with controversy surrounding Gillette’s recently released #MeToo inspired ad. The ad has over twenty million views and an astonishing one point two million dislikes. Why did this ad, which at its heart supports the noble initiative that men stand up against sexual and other types of violence, spark such a viscerally negative reaction in so many viewers? The ad has been described as “offensive”, "insulting”, “sexist”, “gender shaming” and “emasculating”. One thing is for certain, if Gillette wanted to create a buzz, they got what they were looking for.

As the former Training Administrator for the Peace Corps’ Sexual Assault Risk Reduction and Response Program, I support the idea the ad promotes, that we are all responsible for standing up for one another when we witness harmful behaviors like bullying and sexual harassment. Training in soft skills like how to initiate a difficult...

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Our Shared Responsibility: What We Should All Learn from Uncle Joe

current events May 03, 2019

I am grateful that Alyssa Milano, champion of the #MeToo, movement recently defended Joe Biden for his “overly affectionate” demeanor. Not because I think that Joe Biden’s invasions of people’s personal space isn’t a problem, but because Mr. Biden has been forthright about his willingness to learn. Milano attributed Biden’s overly familiar interactions to “cultural differences” that stemmed from his upbringing. She stated that he was raised in an affectionate household, so from his perspective this was normal behavior. Yet we also have to consider generational differences. Mr. Biden was born in 1942. He was a young professional in the early seventies, a time was smoking cigarettes at your desk and pouring some whiskey for a colleague at 3pm was acceptable. I am not saying older men should be given a pass when they do something inappropriate like whisper in a young girl’s ear making her clearly uncomfortable, like Biden did at a...

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