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We offer inspiring workplace development training solutions in both English and Spanish that will show your employees you care about maintaining a positive, productive workplace environment.

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Online Training Course

Our online harassment prevention training meets federal and state compliance requirements while teaching students active bystander intervention techniques. 

In Person Training Facilitation

Our interactive workshops equip staff with tools to connect with their colleagues through meaningful, facilitated dialogue. Staff will feel empowered to share their perspectives on the issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.  

Individual Coaching Sessions

We are here to listen and co-create solutions for promoting safety and respect in the workplace. Our coaching expertise has been applied in a variety of sectors for staff and leadership at the highest levels. 

Policy Review

We offer a review of existing policies and procedures related to harassment, discrimination and sexual abuse prevention. Through gap analyses and climate surveys we will provide recommendations for creating policies that meet survivor-centered best practices.

Safe, Respectable Workplaces

Through proven methods, Goldtree will deliver an interactive sexual harassment prevention training that meets all the requirements of SB 1343 and focuses on:

  • Creating positive, shared workplace values.

  • Identifying potentially dangerous interactions along a continuum of behaviors.

  • Developing strategies for interrupting inappropriate or unsafe behaviors in the workplace.

Leadership Empowerment

Our specialized harassment prevention training for supervisors will equip your management team with the tools they need to:

  • Build a culture in which their team members feel safe reporting concerns around discrimination and harassment. 

  • Respond appropriately if a staff member approaches them to discuss harassment or discrimination of any kind.

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